Vehicle RFID Access Control
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  Vehicle RFID Access Control

Vehicle RFID Access Control    With this special high-end technology, when Cowtown Electric easily places a small computer chip called a 'tag' in your vehicles, you can expect to securely and automatically have driveway gate entrances, overhead and garage doors open for ONLY you... and without remembering any code numbers and pushing keypads, or relying on a   unsecured remote key fob.

Vehicle RFID Access Control

    "Vehicle RFID Access Control", also known as "Automatic Vehicle Identification Access", is a secure radio frequency identification system used to automatically accept or deny a vehicle access into a particular area.

Our "Automatic Vehicle Identification Access" systems are reliable high-end technologies that are used for securing and controlling all types of vehicle entrances for private residential driveway gates and garage doors (even private airplane hanger doors) completely hands-free and extremely secure; And are used for controlling and securing community properties or subdivisions with security gate entrances (no need for security guards); And used in gate access systems for securing and controlling all gate entrances to any property or facility where secure vehicle and parking access control is needed.

With this hands-free technology moving vehicles are automatically scanned (by a long-range reader) to retrieve a secure and encrypted serial code from the 'tag' assigned to the vehicle(s). All of these features without having to remember any code numbers and pushing keypads; Or without jeopardizing your safety by relying on an unsecured remote key fob with a one-dollar battery; Or without being stopped at the community gate by a security guard requesting I.D., and signing-in every time you arrive. In each case offering unmatched security and convenience.

Whenever a automobile with a valid 'tag', typically on the inside front windshield, approaches the gate and/or garage door the totally hands-free operation gives convenient access while the driver keeps his hands on the steering wheel! No opening of windows and no stretching of arms outwards. At the same time, our rfid access control system will keep non-authorized people on the outside. Just drive up to the gate and/or overhead door and it automatically opens, but will NOT allow access for anyone else -- unless you want them to enter -- automatically!

Long-Range Reader Mounted on Pedestal For Vehicle RFID Access Control in Parking Garage.
Long-Range Reader Mounted on Pedestal For Vehicle RFID Access Control in Parking Garage

The long-range readers offered, along with convenient hands-free capability, the high security level 100% fraud-proof Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) transponder 'card/tag' system, and the flexible design – make the Cowtown Electric system the natural solution for vehicle rfid access control for private high-end homes and community subdivisions; and parking applications for private and commercial businesses and institutions.

Vehicle RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Reader Mounted on Pedestal Vehicle RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Reader Mounted on Pole
Vehicle RFID Reader Mounted on Pedestal Vehicle RFID Reader Mounted on Pole

EXAMPLE 1 : Enhanced Comfort and Convenience.
You arrive at your property or home in your vehicle... your driveway entrance gate securely and automatically opens (but only if you are allowed entrance)... then; your driveway or entrance lights automatically turn-on (if it's dark or night time)... then; the entrance gate securely closes behind you... then; as you approach - your garage door securely and automatically opens... then; the garage interior lights turn-on (as many as you want)... and next; after you enter -- the garage door closes securely behind you (if you want)... and lastly (???); have your house door unlock for you -- all this comfort and convenience with an expedient and very secure arrival. Yes, it really is completely automatic, secure, and very reliable, and it works ONLY for you -- without lifting a finger!

EXAMPLE 2 : Security and Piece of Mind.
You’re away from your equestrian center, or home, or workshop, or any of your properties and there's no one to allow your landscaper/ gardener, or maintenance man/ contractor entrance into your property. Solution: Allow visitors or the maintenance man (or whomever) immediate access to the property, or restrict their access to specific days of the week; or restrict their access to a specified time of day. Automatically deny or allow only those selected vehicles of your choice access through any gate entrance to any of your properties -- even when you're not present.

EXAMPLE 3 : Assurance and Money Saving
Let’s suppose you allowed a repairman or contractor access to your property (while you were away) to do some work. You soon discovered that the unscrupulous repairman or the unethical contractor has 'padded' their hours worked on-the-job and overcharged you for it -- but there is no way to prove it? Do you want to know exactly who arrived and when they departed? Simply look it up on your PC computer – every entry into your property is automatically logged – and is easily downloaded!

Vehicle RFID For Gate Access Systems and Parking Access Control

"Vehicle RFID Access Controls" designed by Cowtown Electric are very versatile and user-friendly. This is just the beginning... these technologies transform your residents into an exceptional, high-end home by saving you money; adding security and convenience; and enhancing your comfort for your demanding lifestyle.

These technologies also work hand-in-hand with our “Smart Home Automation Systems”, and our "Biometric and Smart Card Applications". Use your imagination -- we'll make it happen for you...

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